Video stills from Sine reco(r)ded, © Borinski / Cassière 2008


Sine reco(r)ded

Juliana Borinski & Pierre-Laurent Cassière
Black and white video with sound on DVD, 3', 2008


Sine reco(r)ded is a video animation made of more than a thousand digital photographs from the projection of the expanded cinema installation Sine (digital/analog converter).


According to the speed of the photo camera the real movement of the flying tape is considerably accelerated by the animation of the video, which is built at the basic digital video frame rate of 25 pictures per second.The linear montage alternates positives and negatives photographs, creating a flicker effect. When the positives images are firstly played in their chronological order, the negatives are time reversed. At the half of the video all is inverted, as if the first part was playing backward, so the final frame corresponds to the first one, allowing a playback in loop. The sound is made of digital clicks synchronized with pictures and alternating between left and right channels of the stereophonic soundtrack.