Sound City Days, Archaeology Museum, Kosice, Slovakia, 2012

Installation view, No(t) Music, Fort du Bruissin Art Center, Francheville, 2010

Pipeline section used for the video


Video/sound installation, dimensions site specific, 2006

(black and white video with sound, 4'50'' loop on DVD, circular screen, speakers, subwoofer)

    The video has been realized on a pipeline under construction, at the end of a section measuring approximately a half-mile and closed at both ends with plastic caps. By striking one cap, a percussive sound is produced and trapped inside the tube, going back and forth until energy loss. The first of those echoes is powerful enough to hit Cassière's head while resting an ear against the membrane. With each echo (four for each strike), the sound timbre changes, implying different acoustic effects (resonance, doppler, etc.).

Video extract :

The video is usually exhibited as a projection on a circular screen placed in a corridor or a tunnel. Then the image of the pipeline seems to extend the architecture where the highly amplified video soundtrack travels and resonates.

Installation view, Archaeology Museum, Kosice, Slovakia, 2012