Disproportions, Atelier Jespers, Brussels, Belgium, 2017.

Sound Territories, Mac Arteum, Châteauneuf-le-Rouge, 2018.

Daily+, Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporain Art, Taiwan, 2018-2019.

Dislocation, Ink on paper, 12 x 17 in, 2018.


Sound installation, 2017

(Computer, program, ultrasonic speakers)


Fleeting sound impulses inhabit the room. Crispy creaks seem to come from various directions but the sources and nature of the sounds remain unclear. Ultrasounds interferences produce aural illusions. Those acoustic sparks actually bounce on room surfaces and let the visitor hear reflections from a multitude of virtual sources, always depending on his/her own position in the space. Beyond spatial doubts, the work induce a very specific listening experience through an almost tactile feeling.

Sound emissions simulation.
(The actual listening situation is not recordable)