Contrecourbe, artothèque de la MLIS, Villeurbanne



Sound installation

Dimensions site specific, 2010 (Steel spring, fans,

contact microphone, amplifier, speakers)


Contrecourbe was realised specifically for Mario Botta's building hosting the MLIS, multimedia library in Villeurbanne. In the tower's light well a long steel spring is hung about sixty feet high and activated by two fans' airstream. This kinetic sculpture seems silent but it is actually run by vibrations, captured with a contact microphone placed on the upper end. Once amplified, sounds are emitted through a pair of small speakers placed underground at the ends of a curved wall which shape keeps sounds trapped along its surface and produces sound effects such as floating echoes. People needs to place themselves close to the wall to listen the sound produced by the combination between mechanical vibrations in the spring and their acoustic modulation by architecture. In front of the wall, three Schizophones are placed as listening prosthesis.

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