Absences, installation views in the Trinity Chapel, Cléguerec, France, 2012


Sound installation, size and durations variable, 2012

(Binaural sound pieces, stereo headphones, CD players, chairs)

    Placed on chairs, sound pieces are played through headphones. Each soundtrack is an editing of numerous binaural* recordings realized site-specifically with close-up people speaking about their own relation with the place.

    Each sound piece is precisely placed where its recordings took place. It creates for the listener an illusion of speaker's physical presence.

    The first version of Absences was realized in the Trinity Chapel, Cléguerec, France, for the 2012 edition of site specific art L'Art dans les Chapelles. Then, five sound pieces of various durations (from five to twenty minutes) were installed in five different parts of the chapel.

* Specific type of audio recordings using microphones placed in the sound recorder's ears (or on a dummy head) to restitute a natural stereo perception and improve spatial realism of the sonic situation.

Extract (french) from one of the sound pieces installed in the Trinity Chapel, Cléguerec, France, 2012 (listening through headphones recommended)