No(t) Music, Centre d'Art du Fort du Bruissin, Francheville, 2009




Steady State, Slash-tmp, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin, 2007




Villa Arson, 2005




Vent Tendu, framed anamorphic drawing, 12 x 32 inches, edition of 3, 2007

Vent Tendu

Sound installation, dimensions site specific, 2005

(stainless steel wire, computer, generative audio program, amplifier, transducers)


Collection of the FNAC (National Fund for Contemporary Art, France).

A steel wire crosses an empty and silent space. The vibratory waves running inside become perceptible through contact and one can listen by pressing an ear against the metal. Audio signal is composed in real-time through infinite variations based on wind phonographic samples and synthesis.