Borderline Behaviour, Drawn towards Animation, TENT, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2007


Sine (digital/analog converter)

Juliana Borinski & Pierre-Laurent Cassière

Expanded cinema installation, dimensions site specific, 2006

(Digibeta video tape, projector, fan, contact microphone, sound system)


A strip of digital videotape, activated by a fan, flies and snakes

a theatre spotlight’s cone of light. A sinuous, undulating shadow dances randomly on the wall in the luminous frame. A contact microphone captures the videotape’s vibrations which are then amplified and played into the room.

Video documentation of the installation during Bordeline Behavior, TENT, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2007:

In the installation Sine, analogue and digital age intertwine; calligraphy and informal art, original cinema magic and psychedelic dream machine meet in a shared shadow-play.
Expanded cinema that transcends epochs.

Matthias Müller
(Autopsia, exhibition catalogue, Art Cologne, Germany, 2006)