Responses (Delta)

Site specific sound installation, 2017

(computeur program, active speakers.)


Sound emissions in tune with the resonant frequencies of the place play gradually for a few seconds then stop suddenly during the time of their reverberation. Intensities of the different frequencies forming the chord variy continuously in order to play with the harmonic spectrum. The resulting form of sound is called "delta", meaning the sound intensity increases and then decreases without impulse or silence. In this case, the listening applies half the time to a sound that is no longer emitted but only reverberated.

(Listening through headphones or external speakers recommended)

The installations from the Responses series are based on the acoustic properties of the places in order to make them react. The works aim to propose a listening experience of both the sounds emitted and the physical reactions of the place. Responses exist in different versions: Delta, Impulsions and Tectophony.